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Vacuum Cleaner Series • Kitchen Series • Personal Care Series

Vacuum Cleaner Series

4 in 1 UV Vacuum Cleaner

(dust mite killer)

Multi-function UV Vacuum Cleaner Dust Mite Killer FREE Crevice Nozzle & Round Brush.

Upright Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful 1000W. Can be used at full length or without the extension tube for handheld cleaning.

Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

HEPA filter system traps 99.97% of debris into the vacuum, and reducing allergy-induced in room.

Robotic UV Vacuum Cleaner & Mop

UVC Disinfection: Eliminate unseen dust mites and bugs. 99.8% kills bacteria and germs with prevent fall sensor.

H3 Cyclone Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

2 in 1 handheld & stick, cyclonic action, powerful 600W suction, washable HEPA filter, suitable for multiple type floor.

H5 Premium Rose Gold Vacuum Cleaner

2 in 1 handheld & stick, up to 40 minutes of runtime, exchangeable Li-Ion battery, LED headlights, motorized power brush.

H8 Evo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

2 in 1 handheld & stick, ECO technology, visual screen display, strong suction power, suitable for multiple type floor.

Kitchen Series

Stand Mixer 5L

Includes 5L stainless steel bowl and 3 accessories. It have Variable speed settings.

Pressure Cooker 6L

8 programmed menu function. Speeds up cooking up to 2~6 times, using up to 70% less energy.

Food Chopper

Large capacity 1.8L high borosilicate glass bowl. It is durable and hygienic glass bowl is easy to clean.

Air Fryer 5.5L

Fast & energy saving that cooks food 30% faster and healthier cooking with little to no oil.

Air Fryer

Rapid air circulation technology. Easy-to-use interface, a temperature setting for up to 200 degrees.

PRO12 Digital Air Fryer Oven

Air Circulation Quick and Even Heating, 10-in-1 Versatile Cooking Preset Programs, LED Display,  Touch Screen Control Panel

2-in-1 Induction + Ceramic Cooker

2 cooking zones: Induction + Ceramic. Soft touch control included Child Lock, Timer, Temperature and ON/OFF.

Multifunctional Blender + Soup Maker

8 preprogrammed menu functions. 304 stainless steel 4-blade cutting system.

Digital Turbo
Air Fryer

20 Functions + 9 Accessories. 360 degree rotation and nearly 60% faster cooking time

Hand Blender Multifunction Set

Food Processor 3 in 1 Blender, Mixer & Chopper Speed Control.

Induction Cooker

(Ultra Slim)

It have 6 pre-programmed cooking functions with soft touch control panel.

Personal Care Series

Air Purifier UV Light System

UV Light System with features include 5 Tiers Filtration System, UV-C, Ionizer, Air Quality Sensor.

Body Fat / Hydration Monitor Scale

Built-in memory for 12 users memory range from 10 – 80 years old.

Battery-operated LED Light

Battery-operated 40 LED Light + 0.5 Torch LED Light