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About Us

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A branding that is powered by IN & EX HOLDINGS SDN. BHD. A group of companies since year 1994 that care about innovating solutions to enhance your lifestyle.

With the group over 23 years in household electrical appliances R&D experiences and industry-leading research, we succeed to empower and inspire our customers to live a more comfortable, convenient and connected lifestyle. 

Quality Home Living

Your home is where you and your family spend the most time, what you surround yourself with in your home is what makes a home great. A home is also where you’re most comfortable being yourself, a place where you and your family can flourish and grow.

Now, is your chancec to discover your ideal lifestyle with HETCH, and unlock a new start where you can experience convenience and practicality on a whole new level.

Our Vision

The world most popular and trusted brand in healthcare and homecare business.






Core Value

5 Core value that Hetch have.